Hot New Fishing Method Proven to Entice Trophy Size Fish

//Hot New Fishing Method Proven to Entice Trophy Size Fish

Deep jigging is a fishing method that has really been practiced around the world, nevertheless, is just recently getting approval from saltwater North American anglers. With the introduction of Shimano’s Butterfly Jigging System, this effective approach of bringing in deep water fish continues to lure anglers with the imagine landing the next record-breaking reward.

It may be the constant jerking, lift-&-wind action required when deep jigging or the heart-stopping experience one gets when a fish gets the lure and begins to pull and pull that leads me to believe this technique of fishing will continue to get in appeal.

Having really matured fishing the fertile facilities of Southern California and Mexico for the previous 20 years, I am no total stranger to this type of fishing. I understand this strategy as yo-yo jigging. Anglers from the west coast have really been catching fish for years with precisely what we have in fact been calling yoyo irons, heavy fish-body shaped jigs with rather curved edges that would flutter from side to side on the drop and rely on the speed of motion, appear in a spinning motion. deep sea fishing dubai

Names like Salas, Tady, Ironman, and UFO were popular in this type of lure. Colors in blends of blue & white, green & yellow, brown & yellow or sardine patterns are usually utilized in saltwater throughout Southern California.

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